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The Comfort Zone and Why We Should Try to Escape from It

Apr 26, 2022 Sarah Mane

Those who cling to the comfort zone, believe it to be a place of safety and security.  They think that risk and even danger lie outside the comfort zone.  This is the exact reverse of the truth.  While life in the comfort zone can seem predictable and secure, it is in fact subject to unforeseen events that come out of left field.  The random events of life show us the problem with acting as if everything will proceed in a straight predictable line!

The Transformative Power of Good Company - Satsanga

Apr 26, 2022 Sarah Mane

People who are good company, are seekers of higher wisdom.  They encourage their companions, are enthusiastic, and offer a helping hand when there is the occasional misstep.  Our teacher told us that it was almost impossible to act badly when we are in good company; and it was equally difficult to act well in bad company.  Satsanga is therefore considered one of the most powerful forces in the universe. 

Memory - The Mother of Wisdom

Mar 31, 2022 Sarah Mane

In my blogposts I like to explain an idea, usually derived from the wisdom of Sanskrit.  I try to illustrate that idea with stories and anecdotes, often from my own life and experience, and I round things off with a practical tip or two which can cement the experience in your life as well.

The World of Spirit Q&A

Mar 23, 2022 Sarah Mane

I get a lot of questions from people, often young people, who have become interested in the world of spirit.  They want to know how ancient teachings can be applied in the twenty-first century.  Often they have read my book Conscious Confidence: Use the Wisdom of Sanskrit to Find Clarity and Success, or other similar books.  Perhaps they have encountered spiritual ideas elsewhere.  They want clarity and guidance to keep them focused on the journey to greater wakefulness, awareness and consciousness.

A Treasure House of Inspiration

Feb 23, 2022 Sarah Mane

Jump Up From Your Slumber!

Jan 01, 2022 Sarah Mane

Excuse Me…Did you Say Sanskrit? The Surprising Relevance of Sanskrit for Today

Dec 17, 2021 Sarah Mane

What is Sanskrit?  It is an ancient language, some would say timeless. It is described as the language of the Universe, and a Mother of Languages. These are grand claims to be sure, so let’s look at Sanskrit on two levels.

The Magic in a Smile

Dec 04, 2021 Sarah Mane

Prema – Universal Love

Nov 05, 2021 Sarah Mane

The Best Advice I Was Ever Given

Oct 29, 2021 Sarah Mane

The best advice I was ever given by my spiritual teachers was a simple three step practice that can be done anywhere, any time by anyone: Fall still, Remember who you are, Give full attention to the matter in hand.

Prāna – The Breath of Life, Your Life Force

Oct 06, 2021 Sarah Mane

The Sanskrit word ‘prāna’ (प्राण) means the ‘life force’. It means ‘the breath of life, spirit and vitality’.  Prāna is the energy that enlivens us, makes us think, feel, wonder and create.   Spirit and Life and Breath are all intimately connected, and in turn they connect everything and everyone. 

Practical Benefits of Meditation

Sep 29, 2021 Sarah Mane

For decades meditation and similar practices have entered the mainstream and lots of research has now been done into the benefits of meditation.  Let’s summarise the main benefits as identified by neurologists, psychologists and by regular meditators.