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Do you ever feel like you need a little extra help manifesting your intentions? If so, consider investing in an intention necklace. These unique jewelry pieces are designed to remind you what you're striving for and can help keep you focused and motivated.

All sorts of different intention necklaces are available on the market, so it's easy to find one that suits your needs and style. Plus, many come with meaning-filled quotes or affirmations to further inspire and empower you.

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The Importance Of Gifting A Meaningful Necklace

There's nothing quite like receiving a beautiful piece of jewelry as a gift. Whether it's a sparkling necklace, glimmering earrings, or a stunning bracelet, jewelry always makes a thoughtful and cherished present.

But when that jewelry also comes with special meaning, it becomes even more valuable. A piece of jewelry that is gifted to bring love, luck, or happiness to the wearer is sure to be cherished forever.

And that's precisely what you'll find with our collection of intention necklaces. These beautiful pieces are stylish, eye-catching, and imbued with potent energies and positive affirmations to help the wearer manifest their desires.

If you're looking for a gift that is sure to inspire and delight, an intention necklace is a perfect choice. Browse our selection and find the perfect piece to empower your loved ones today, a special someone (and yourself!).

The Power Of Positive Affirmations

One of the best things about intention necklaces is that they can be customized to feature any number of different affirmations or mantras. Whether you're looking for something to remind you of your goals or simply want a daily dose of positivity, there's an affirmation necklace out there for you or as a gift to someone.

Not sure what sort of affirmation would be right for you? Consider some of these popular options:

"I am worthy of love and happiness."

"I am strong and capable."

"I am grateful for all that I have."

"I am open to abundance in all forms."

"I am surrounded by love and light."

"I release all negative thoughts and emotions."

"I am connected to the Universe and supported in all ways."

"All of my dreams are coming true."

Whatever your intention may be, an affirmation necklace or jewelry pieces out there can help you manifest it. 

Meaningful Necklaces For Her

This selection of beautiful necklaces made from precious metals (or not!) is designed especially for those you love, and they all have special meanings. It's your girlfriends, fans, moms, sisters, or daughters who will enjoy receiving the unique gift of a necklace that they will cherish and wear for a long time because of its meaning!

Here is a selection of must-have special-meaning necklaces to help support your journey:

The Law of Attraction

This is an excellent choice for you if you're trying to attract more love or abundance into your life - kind of like a good luck charm with special meaning.


Necklace with meaning Balam/Strength -


The Power Necklace

This powerful piece comes with the word "Balam" stamped on it, which means "Strength" in Sacred Sanskrit, as a reminder that you have everything you need to reach your goals. This is the perfect choice for you if you're working on manifesting strength or confidence.

The Manifestation Necklace

This stunning necklace features a crescent moon charm associated with the special meaning of new beginnings. It also has the word "manifest" stamped on it, reminding you that your dreams are within reach. This is the perfect choice for you if you're working on manifesting anything and everything.


Necklace with meaning horizontal bar -

Personalized Horizontal 3D Bar Necklaces from

These jewelry pieces are crafted of high-quality stainless steel with the option of having it coated in 18 Karat Gold and/or have it engraved with a particular name or date. It has special meanings in Sacred Sanskrit to make it easy for you to find the perfect one for someone special, including a special something engraved on it.

A Dainty Necklace With A Birthstone

A birthstone is a gem that symbolizes the month in which a person was born. People often wear a birthstone as a dainty necklace or jewelry because they believe the stones will bring them good luck.


Dainty birthstone necklace with meaning -


There are many different opinions on which stones are associated with which months, but the most popular system is as follows:

January – Garnet

February – Amethyst

March – Aquamarine

April – Diamond

May – Emerald

June – Pearl

July – Ruby

August – Peridot

September – Sapphire

October – Opal or Tourmaline

November – Topaz or Citrine

December – Turquoise, Zircon, or Tanzanite

The Heart Inside Heart

Everybody knows that the heart symbolizes the love and affection of a person. These are nonverbal ways of showing love to someone special. The heart is interconnected in a different sense with a special meaning.

A unique way to express your love is to get stainless steel or gold-plated jewelry piece with the word "Prema" on it. This means "Love" in Sacred Sanskrit.

Prema is the love that radiates from the Source and fills all corners of existence. It is the essence of life and brings everyone joy, happiness, and fulfillment. The Prema product line was designed to reflect and spread universal love.


Heart-in-heart necklaces with meaning -

Bird Necklaces

A special symbol for these chains is birds. Different birds represent different things:

  • A dove represents peacefulness, love, and calm,
  • While a sparrow reflects efficiency, friendship, and safety.

If you know someone interested in ornithology or is a nature lover, the pendant with bird patterns can be an ideal gift. Hence, try understanding the special meanings of various birds and find the one that resonates the most with his/her character.

Angel Wings

Another beautiful meaning lies behind angel wings. They are generally seen as a representation of guidance, support, and protection. So, give them angel wings if you want to show your loved ones that you will always be there for them.


Angel wings necklace with meaning -

Infinity Loop

This jewelry piece will soon become one of her favorite accessories. Infinity rings represent eternal power and joy in the universe.

Similarly, this Shakti collection is available from Shakti is the creative energy found throughout the universe. It is powerful and full of infinite variety.

Anchor Necklaces

The anchor is a timeless symbol that has been used for centuries in different cultures. It represents hope, stability, and safety. So, if you want to show your support for someone during difficult times, an anchor-themed jewelry piece is the perfect gift.


Anchor necklace with meaning -

Open-Heart Necklaces

An open-heart gift is a reminder that love always wins. It's a beautiful symbol of hope and resilience. So, if you know someone who could use a little pick-me-up, this is the perfect gift.

This Abhyasa collection is an excellent alternative because it means resilience in Sacred Sanskrit.

Tree Of Life Necklaces

Its simple yet elegant shape has had various significance since time immemorial. It has been regarded as the symbol of immortality and the charm to guard against diseases. The Tree of Life symbol gift can be viewed by many as an inspiration and hope that helps you overcome tough times.


Tree of Life necklace with meaning -

Sun Necklaces

The sun is the centerpiece of our solar system and the source of all life. It represents vitality, growth, and abundance. So, a sun is a perfect jewelry gift if you want to show your support for someone's new venture or project.

Abhayam is "fearlessness" in Sacred Sanskrit, which is an excellent alternative for sun jewelry.


Necklace with meaning fearlessness -



The mountain charm symbol is an example of perseverance: You can overcome obstacles that impede your journey toward achieving success. Mountains represent consistency and firming and not moving the resolution of the people wearing them.


The moon symbol is prevalent among dreams of creative imagination and awe. People whose minds never run away from reality. The moon has divine feminine energy that helps empower women who wear it. The meaning of the Moon has been described as a balance between emotions, creativity, and positivity.

Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers have been used in religious ceremonies for centuries and hold great symbolic meaning for those who wear it. The lotus flower is a symbol of purity, beauty, and grace.

It represents the breath of life or Prana, new beginnings, spiritual awakening, and self-improvement. A lotus flower would make a gorgeous and meaningful gift for someone special in your life.

Hamsa Hands

The meaning of the hamsa hand symbol enables you to intercept negative energy. Hamsa's hand is aimed at protecting oneself from negative influences. The Hamsa symbol is a reminder that stops you from expressing any negative feelings about yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can an accessory symbolize?

It can symbolize any number of things, from protection and guidance to eternal love and affection. It all depends on the necklace's design and what it means to the person wearing it.

What is the most popular type of accessory?

The most popular type is the open-heart necklace. This is because it is a reminder that love always wins and is a beautiful symbol of hope and resilience.

What are the 333 pendants?

The number 333 is an angel number that signifies you are making the right choices in your life. If you see this number, it may be time to make some changes in your love life.


Each of these intentional gifts would make a beautiful and meaningful addition to your jewelry collection. When wearing one of them, take a moment to close your eyes and visualize your intention.

Thanks for reading! We hope this post was helpful. If so, please share it with your friends or family, who might also find it valuable.

And don't forget to check out our collection of intentional necklaces to find the perfect piece for yourself or a loved one!

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