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Damayanti signifies Peace, Damayanti brings Calm, Damayanti gives Protection.

Each special Damayanti mantra channels divine frequencies. These mantras protect and inspire. Each piece connects to the unique vibrational resonance of the wearer.

Discover your exceptional energy when you wear a unique Damayanti Mantra that resonates with Love, Strength, Life Force, Forgiveness, Resilience.

Specially crafted for you, a life companion on your journey.



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Resilience Horizontal Bar Necklace - Abhyāsa Sanskrit Jewelry Collection

Abhyāsa Sanskrit Heart Luxury Necklace

Prema Pure Love Sanskrit Circle Luxury Necklace


Prema is Love. Love that speaks to your heart. Love that is radiant and joyful. Our Prema Love collection is the perfect way for you to embrace your unique spirit.



Kshamā is the freedom of Forgiveness. The strength of Patience. Kshamā is calm, tranquil, serene. Our Kshamā Collection vibrates with the positive feeling of gratitude, strength and peace.


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Prāna is your Life Force. It is the energy which flows through you. Prāna links you and everyone like beautiful jewels strung on a thread of pure being. Our Prāna Collection reflects your beautiful radiant spirit.



Satya is your Inner Truth, the greatness of who you really are. Our Satya Collection resonates with your beautiful limitless Truth.


Stay Present

"This necklace is a beautiful reminder to pause, practice my breathing, and stay present."

The Perfect Gift

"It’s the perfect everyday necklace"

Ancient Wisdom

"I wanted a piece of jewellery that honoured my path, I love my abhyasa resilience necklace because it reminds me of my ability to bounce back"


Shakti is your Divine Power. Shakti shines from your heart. It is creative and powerful. It gives life, it protects, it nourishes and nurtures. Our Shakti Collection radiates with your beauty and joy.



Abhayam is Fearlessness and Courage. With Abhayam you grasp the opportunities and embrace the gifts that life sends your way. Our Abhayam Fearlessness Collection lets you walk through the world, head held high, unshaken, calm and strong.



“Everytime I look in the mirror or touch this jewellery it makes me smile.”

- Andrea

"This book is an epic feast for a hungry soul who wants access to some of the deepest wisdom that has come to us over thousands of years. Sarah Mane has been immersed in a journey of discovery through philosophy and the study of Sanskrit since she was just a pup. She serves a rich, nourishing spread of knowledge and insights that satiates and satisfy mind, body and soul."

- Angela Treat Lyon

“Beautiful. I bought the Prema heart pendant as a special gift for my daughter-in-law, she loved it!”

- John

"Sarah Mane takes us on a insighhtful and fascinating journey while she reveals the life-changingg power of this ancient language. Her practical approach makes it easy to implement the practices and realise the benefits."

- Shimon Parker

"This book was full of surprises! Touching on the ancient languagee of Sanskrit, in offering insight into ourselves and "help" creating the person we strive to become. Written in lay terms, sprinkled with entertaining and delightful stories offering insight and understanding in each chapter, this book just keeps on giving!"

- Debbie Pozniak

"Fantastic. Very inspirational. I highly recommend this book."

- Amazon Customer

"I felt like I was ‘meeting Sarah’s consciousness' in the words."

- NV

"What a book! The thought, the knowledge, the work that went into writing it is extraordinary. It is so thorough, deep and thought provoking and unique. All Sarah’s knowledge and experience is so beautifully set out. Congratulations on a masterpiece!"

- RT

"I feel very blessed…Conscious Confidence has gravitas and beauty. Effectiveness too!"

- MH

"Listener feedback on radio show/podcast I needed to take the time for some self-care and to do myself a favour, so I listened to Sarah’s show – it was definitely giving myself a gift. Sarah’s wisdom and depth nourished me deeply to a soul level. It didn’t matter that I don’t know anything about Sanskrit. Sarah brought out some profound and yet simple and practical wisdom. I was inspired, refreshed and renewed. Very beautiful and powerful."

 - anon

"There are a lot of self-development books in the marketplace these days, and there are a lot of authors writing them, but rarely do you find an author with Sarah Mane’s depth of understanding. It can only come from a lifetime of unwavering commitment to living a life based on the deep insights embodied in the world’s great wisdom traditions. Conscious Confidence is not only a book to acquaint the reader with these philosophical insights but is, more importantly, full of practical ways to reap the benefits that can only come with applying them. Like a thirsty person lost in the desert of worldly existence, drink deeply of the wisdom contained in this book."

- Diane Donovan

"Sarah provides a proposition for us to move beyond the limitations of past conditioning and outdated beliefs and realize the truth that we are magnificent universal beings. Conscious Confidence is a manifesto for success in times of chaos and a knowing that rises up to remind us that it is our birthright to achieve our highest ideals and to imagine we can do extraordinary things because we are extraordinary."

- Dr. Craig Hassed, MD, OAM

"In Conscious Confidence Sarah Mane offers a spiritual and conscious framework for achieving balance in your life and shows you how to weave colorful new threads into your destiny."

- Dr. Pat BACCILI, Ph.D.

"Sarah is a delightfully joyful, energetic, gifted and mindful representative of a healing Spirit and voyager through the world of mind, body and time, who is helping make others aware of their ability to face any decision or challenge. She brings balance and trust into their lives and takes them beyond fear and any limitation. She is one of the most authentic and pleasant guests I have had the honour to chat with."
- DS

"The book emphasizes the importance of treasuring in the present the great wisdom of the ancient past, in which our being was pure and in which God was considered pure inspiration and true love. In Conscious Confidence by Sarah Mane you can breathe the past deeply, and feel that the relationship with the wisdom and mysticism of the ancients has never passed, as it reveals itself to us with all its vibrant and resonant truth, for what it has always been: the present.Conscious Confidence had a stilling effect on me and feels like there’s a depth and breadth underneath the words. Sanskrit, in one word."

- RC


Abhyāsa is Resilience. It is your power to bounce back, to weather the storm, to overcome, to triumph. It is the strength of the mighty tree that bends with the wind but doesn’t break, and whose roots go deep. Our Abhyāsa Collection carries this energetic reminder of your deep power and strength.



Balam is Strength. Balam is Confidence. Balam is Power. Radiate with your own special power. Our Balam Collection connects to your unique strength and confidence.


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