Taking Action for Freedom – Damayanti, our brand story.

Taking Action for Freedom – Damayanti, our brand story.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to meditation and mindfulness at a very young age.  And I was doubly lucky, because I loved it.  I took to it like a duck to water.  As I grew up my understanding and my experience of the joy and depth of spiritual practices only strengthened.


Then I was triply lucky because I was asked to start passing on the wisdom and knowledge with which I had been blessed.  I was given the opportunity to pass this onto adults in evenings classes, and also to children as a primary school teacher in a rather unique school that placed a high value on feeding the children’s bodies, minds, hearts and spirits.


One part of the teaching that I learnt and taught was Sanskrit, the ancient language of India.  Often called ‘the language of the universe’. The profound wisdom of Indian scriptures, prayers and mantras, all written in this beautiful language moved my heart and enriched my understanding of profound truth.  


At University I undertook formal study of Sanskrit to get an even deeper insight into this amazing and mysterious language.  I began to experience its unique power to take me past the level of book learning and grammar and vocabulary, to an experiential grasp of the profound inner meaning of words.


At the same time another passion of mine was music.  I was the choir mistress at our school, I played piano and recorder, and one day I decided it was time to realise a dream I had since I was a little girl.  I started to learn the harp.  (Just as a side note, one of the reasons for this is a lifelong urge to keep learning and pressing myself to expand my horizons).


One day I was at a harp training weekend, where I attended workshops and seminars.  One of these seminars was on the problem of stage fright delivered by a well-known psychologist.  I was mystified.  The people at the weekend retreat were accomplished musicians, many were professional performers.  And yet, when asked about their strategies for dealing with stage fright, they related openly of using beta blockers and other medications to get them through performances, to overcome their nerves.

They knew many musicians that also used medication to get them through.

This was widely known and commonly used.


I was amazed and shocked.  Surely there was another way.  Especially because I could see how truly strong and talented these musicians were.  Why were they surrendering to weakness and insecurity?


It’s natural that we may experience fear and nerves, however the more important issue is surely, how we deal with it. What resources and strength can draw on?


These talented musicians admitted that they didn’t have access to any resources that really helped – resources within themselves.  They didn’t have a connection within to their own self.


So they could only resort to that which is outside of themselves. Something that would make the problem go away for that immediate situation. These musicians described the effects of taking medication to deal with their nerves. There was a price to pay for ‘fixing’ the problem in this way so they could perform. They felt a numbness and a sense of disconnection as they played. It left them feeling dissatisfied because they couldn’t properly connect with the music or the audience. This was after all, the point of the exercise!


In that moment I made a simple decision to find a positive, natural way to help people suffering from fear, anxiety and insecurity.    And it was not just for creative artistic people.  I had taken up executive coaching and I found the same problem in my coaching practice.  Talented, highly intelligent men and women who had had the rug pulled out from under them by an off-hand comment from a colleague.  Who discounted all their talents because of a minor failure at home or work.


I knew there must be a solution.


After many months of useful research, I reached a point where I knew there was something more. Something deeper. 


The next step became clear. 


I asked myself, ‘what is happening when we are truly and naturally confident?’


The answer came immediately. What does Sanskrit say about ‘confidence?’


I went back to all the wisdom that had been showered on me by my amazing teachers, and I returned to my love of Sanskrit.


I had personal experience of its power to heal, to protect, to take me into a depth of peace and calm that was magical and mysterious.  I set about deepening my understanding of the power of sacred Sanskrit mantras to create a protective shield, to strengthen us from within, to remove barriers and limitations, and to help us create the beautiful, free, joyful life that we all want to live, and that we all deserve.


As I delved further into the wisdom in Sanskrit, it became clear that this was showing me the way to lasting confidence - conscious confidence. This is different from ‘conditional’ confidence based on favourable circumstances.


I wrote a book – Conscious Confidence: Use the Wisdom of Sanskrit to Find Clarity and Success – which set out a simple, easy and practical guide to find clarity and success and peace and love in your life.  It was well received and helped many people achieved the inner strength and steadiness they were searching for, so they could live the life they were destined to live.


But I felt that I could do more.  More to bring this wonderful gift of freedom and protection to a wider audience.  To people who didn’t have the time to read a whole book on the subject!


I started a new project: Damayanti - for your soul.


I knew that the power of Sanskrit was not some mystic secret that only reveals itself after years of hard study.  No, it is a gentle, ever-present help and guide to all of us living in times of trouble.  The kindness and availability of ancient wisdom is truly one its most astonishing features.


So I decided to make this ancient wisdom available to everyone world-wide, by creating a range of beautiful jewellery and homewares and clothing.  I wanted our products to carry a unique message especially meaningful to the wearer.


Take the Prema Collection.  Prema means Universal Love.  Wear the jewellery with the beautiful Sanskrit word prema and find yourself connected to that universal vibration of love which is ever-present. 


Or Prāna, the Sanskrit word for the breath of life.  Find yourself connected like a precious jewel strung on a thread of life, linking you to all other living beings.


Or Balam – strength.  Wear a necklace or bangle inscribed with the word Balam in beautiful Sanskrit and connect with the limitless strength of your own inner being, and face the world with resolution and courage.


There are other collections that will speak to your soul and to the soul of those you love.


My passion is to help others overcome the limits in their life, to help them face the world with a new energy of strength and resilience, of love and peace.


I hope you’ll join me and the thousands of others who have found this joyful path to fulfillment.

- Sarah Mane


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