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The Rule of Right Action - How to Behave for Fun and Profit

Apr 19, 2023 Sarah Mane

The other day I was watching some people arguing.  Neither participant was happy.  They were not spreading joy.  I don’t know the details or the rights and wrongs, but it was clear that love, peace and happiness were not in the ascendant for either of the actors in this drama.

Spirituality, Mindfulness and Philosophy - Q&A Part 2

Mar 17, 2023 Sarah Mane

I’ve received more questions from people interested in the path to freedom, peace, to express their full potential and live their best life.  S I hope you enjoy this latest Q and A.

Beautiful Natural Moonstone: What Are Cabochon Moonstones?

Mar 15, 2023 Francina Smit

These moonstones, also known as cabochons or simply moonstones, are gemstones that feature a clean, smooth dome shape with no faceted edges. They typically come in shades of white and grey but can also be found in colors like blue and orange.

Taking Action for Freedom – Damayanti, our brand story.

Mar 14, 2023 Sarah Mane

I was lucky enough to be introduced to meditation and mindfulness at a very young age.  And I was doubly lucky, because I loved it.  I took to it like a duck to water.  As I grew up my understanding and my experience of the joy and depth of spiritual practices only strengthened.

The Complete Package: Santulana – Finding Equilibrium and Balance

Mar 10, 2023 Sarah Mane

There is a lot of talk these days about the need to get into alignment, to find harmony, to establish balance in our lives.  Let’s have a look at this very important issue and see if we can get some clarity on how to achieve such harmony and balance.

Spirit and Connectedness – Q&A

Mar 02, 2023 Sarah Mane

If someone identifies as being spiritual, does that mean they believe in God? There is an important ‘pre-question’ that needs to be answered before we can address this issue.  Arguments and discussions are of two types: definitional and substantial.  In this instance, we need to know how a person defines ‘spiritual’ before we can answer the question.  So, first I’ll tell you what I mean by that word.

The Fear Shadow and How to Let the Sun Shine In

Feb 21, 2023 Sarah Mane

There is a story which I have told before, but it is endlessly instructive so here it is again.  Imagine you are walking along a country path at dusk.  Suddenly you see, in the half light, a shape on the track ahead...

Damayanti – A Treasure House of Inspiration

Feb 17, 2023 Sarah Mane

I have spent years studying and teaching spiritual techniques.  One question that I am frequently asked is how to accelerate and deepen the learning and experience of these practical techniques.  There is a lot I could say on this, but the basic key to spiritual progress is memory.  Simply remembering the various techniques and practices, and then remembering to apply them is a basic requirement. 

The Transformative Power of Sanskrit Mantras

Feb 10, 2023 Sarah Mane

One of the intriguing, and in many ways inspiring things about the world today is the increasing popularity of Sanskrit.  I love Sanskrit and I’ve struck up conversations with many people with tattoos or jewellery or tote bags inscribed with beautiful Sanskrit script.  I like to ask them what connection they found with this ancient language.  The common response is the beauty of the shape of the letters, the inspiring message in whatever words they chose, and the powerful reminder of their own inner strength and light.

What Is Chakra Jewelry, And What Is The Purpose Of Wearing It?

Feb 03, 2023 Francina Smit

Most chakra jewelry contains stones or crystals connected to one or more of the seven traditional chakras but a unique collection has mantras in sacred Sanskrit engraved on it - more about this below. Each has its unique vibration that can help restore harmony within a person's energetic system.

What Is the Ancient Practice of Dharma? | Damayanti.store

Dec 27, 2022 Francina Smit

The ultimate aim of Dharma is liberation from suffering and rebirth. This requires one to live according to the highest moral standards and develop spiritual wisdom. Ultimately, Dharma helps an individual cultivate virtue to become liberated from samsara (the cycle of suffering) and attain nirvana (enlightenment). Living according to Dharma also helps one experience inner peace and joy regardless of external circumstances.

Jewelry With Meaning: Gift Ideas For Her | Damayanti.store

Dec 12, 2022 Francina Smit

Meaningful Pendants Finding the perfect gift for a special woman in your life can be challenging. Unique jewelry pieces can be an elegant, meaningful way to show her how much you care, or statement pieces that reflect her personality. A meaningful necklace with a beautiful message, like a sun necklace or an angel wings pendant, is especially popular as they add significance and meaning to any present. Keep reading for ideas for unique necklaces, which will be great for any occasion to commemorate special moments!

What Is Meditation Jewelry, And How Does It Differ From Yoga Jewelry? | Damayanti.store

Dec 08, 2022 Francina Smit

Meaningful Jewelry Introspection and yogi jewelry are two different forms that have recently become increasingly popular in the fashion industry. Ruminating jewelry is specifically made to help promote relaxation and stress relief. A collection can include charms, symbols, mantras, or even stones representing specific energies or ideas in either gold or silver. Meditation accessories usually feature simple designs, neutral colors, and calming tones. Yoga accessories are designed to inspire creativity and motivation in their wearer. This type of jewelry often contains bright colors and bold patterns that allow it to be used as a fashion statement and a reminder to stay focused on your yoga.

Yogi Jewelry Merging Mindfulness and Fashion | Damayanti.store

Dec 02, 2022 Francina Smit

Jewelry from Damayanti.store for yogis merges mindfulness and fashion in an inspiring way. With a contemporary, urban chic flair, these pieces are designed to be a powerful reminder to stay mindful of the moment. The collections include necklaces, bangle bracelets, and keychains that are both stylish and meaningful. Each piece is unique, making it the perfect addition to any wardrobe. In addition to its beauty and quality craftsmanship, the jewelry collections have a deeper purpose: to encourage people to embrace their inner strength to manifest their dreams into reality. All pieces are designed to encourage and inspire their wearer to live a life of passion, purpose, and joy.

Kshamā – Finding the Patience, Peace, and Gratitude to Handle Anything

Nov 11, 2022 Sarah Mane

Sometimes life can throw us a curveball. Events occur in our lives that disrupt our established patterns. These can be unhappy events, but they don’t always have to be harmful or traumatic to be unsettling. Sometimes great opportunities can turn up in our lives, which can also be disruptive. My husband went to law school and practiced as a solicitor for ten years. He was Chairman of the Board of Governors of a new primary school. His founding principles included a traditional academic curriculum, a rich cultural element that included singing Mozart and performing Shakespeare, and a deep commitment to philosophical inquiry and spiritual practice. The school had only been in operation for a few years and had an enrollment of thirty-five children. It was operating out of a small suburban house, the garage had been converted into one of its classrooms.

The Breath of Life, Your Life Force - Prāna | Damayanti.store

Nov 03, 2022 Sarah Mane

The Sanskrit word ‘prāna’ (प्राण) means the ‘life force’. It means ‘the breath of life, spirit and vitality’.  Prāna is the energy that enlivens us, makes us think, feel, wonder and create.  Spirit and Life and Breath are all intimately connected, and in turn they connect everything and everyone. 

The Tiger Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties & Powers | Damayanti.store

Oct 26, 2022 Francina Smit

The Tiger Eye is an elongated gemstone with an orange-red color and silky sheen with translucent opaqueness. It is a type of quartz that is characterized by its golden yellow to red-brown coloration and chatoyancy (cat's eye effect). Tiger's eye crystal is formed when asbestos fibers are replaced by silica. It is found in metamorphic rocks and is often used for jewelry and ornamental carvings. Tiger's Eye is a powerful stone that helps you to release fear and anxiety and aids in harmony and balance.

A Necklace With Meaning: Must-Have Intention Necklaces | Damayanti.store

Oct 21, 2022 Francina Smit

There's nothing quite like receiving a beautiful piece of jewelry as a gift. Whether it's a sparkling necklace, glimmering earrings, or a stunning bracelet, jewelry always makes a thoughtful and cherished present. But when that jewelry also comes with special meaning, it becomes even more valuable. A piece of jewelry that is gifted to bring love, luck, or happiness to the wearer is sure to be cherished forever. And that's precisely what you'll find with our collection of intention necklaces. These beautiful pieces are stylish, eye-catching, and imbued with potent energies and positive affirmations to help the wearer manifest their desires. If you're looking for a gift that is sure to inspire and delight, an intention necklace is a perfect choice. Browse our selection and find the perfect piece to empower your loved ones today, a special someone (and yourself!).

About Buddhist Jewelry: Interesting Facts And History | Damayanti.store

Oct 10, 2022 Francina Smit

What Are The Eight Auspicious Symbols In Buddhism? Jewelry associated with Buddhism is more than just a pretty accessory. It can be a powerful tool for self-expression and a reminder of our spiritual practice. In this article, we'll explore the interesting history and meaning behind Buddhist accessories. The history of Buddhist accessories is closely intertwined with the history of Buddhism itself. For centuries, Buddhists have used jeweled amulets, pendants, and other adornments as auspicious symbols to protect themselves from harm and promote good fortune. Today, many people wear Buddhist accessories as a fashion statement or to show their support for the teachings of the Buddha. Jewelry associated with Buddhism typically features symbols that are significant in Buddhist belief, such as the Dharma Wheel, the Eight Auspicious Symbols, or the Buddha himself.

Unique Graduation Gifts That Are Thoughtful and Meaningful | Damayanti.Store

Oct 07, 2022 Francina Smit

Buying graduation gifts is inevitable as they come around every.single.year! Maybe you are trying to find the best graduation gift ideas for an older child that is growing into a young adult way too fast. No matter their age and educational status, graduating can be a challenge. It's no secret that finding the perfect graduation gifts can be tough - especially for family members. You can go the everyday route of giving practical gifts that are no doubt, very useful or you can opt to find something that is meaningful, special, and will be cherished for years to come. We've put together a list of the best graduation gifts for college graduates that are sure to fit the bill for both meaningful and practical grad gifts.

Moonstone Meaning: The Complete Guide | Damayanti.Store

Sep 26, 2022 Francina Smit

Moonstone is a gemstone that has been used in jewelry for centuries. It is named for its milky white color, which is caused by the presence of feldspar or felspar. Moonstone is thought to be linked to the full moon and is often used in ritualistic practices although it does not fall in the precious stones group. The most common type of moonstone is called rainbow moonstone, which is white with a rainbow-like sheen. This feldspar is found in many different parts of the world, including India, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Brazil. Moonstone meaning is said to represent new beginnings, inner growth, and strength. It is also thought to be a gem of protection. It is sometimes used as a birthstone for babies born in June.

Inspiration Jewelry: Meaningful and Beautiful Pieces from Around the World | Damayanti.store

Sep 19, 2022 Francina Smit

It is a question that many people may ask, and it is a term that is not easily defined. Simply put, inspirational jewelry refers to pieces that are meant to inspire the wearer, whether it is a bracelet, necklace, or earrings. They can be elegant and meaningful, coming from all around the world. Each piece has its unique story to tell, and they are all sure to leave an impression on those who wear them.There is something truly special about encouraging jewelry. While other pieces might be classy or unique, an uplifting bracelet or necklace holds a special meaning for the person who wears it. Whether given as a gift or chosen for oneself, these pieces represent a moment in time or a feeling that is important to the individual. 

Spiritual Jewelry Brands For Strength, Confidence, and Inner Peace | Damayanti.store

Sep 09, 2022 Francina Smit

When it comes to our spirituality, we often turn to jewelry as a way to show our connection to the divine. For centuries, people have adorned themselves with jewels as a way to tap into their spiritual side. Whether it’s a simple cross necklace or an ornate piece of Hindu wedding accessories, there’s no doubt that jewelry plays a significant role in many people’s spirituality to give meaning to a specific sign.

Spiritual Protection Pendant Necklaces Explained | Damayanti

Aug 23, 2022 Francina Smit

Spiritual protection pendants and necklace jewelry are one of the world's oldest and most popular types of amulets. People have been wearing them for protection against harm for centuries. There are many different types of spiritual protection jewelry, but all serve the same purpose: to protect the wearer from harm. This blog post will discuss some of the most popular spiritual protection pendants and necklaces on the market today. We will also explore the symbolism and meaning behind these pieces of jewelry.

Three Steps to a Limitless Life

Jun 15, 2022 Sarah Mane

Coming Home to Myself

May 24, 2022 Sarah Mane

The Comfort Zone and Why We Should Try to Escape from It

Apr 26, 2022 Sarah Mane

Those who cling to the comfort zone, believe it to be a place of safety and security.  They think that risk and even danger lie outside the comfort zone.  This is the exact reverse of the truth.  While life in the comfort zone can seem predictable and secure, it is in fact subject to unforeseen events that come out of left field.  The random events of life show us the problem with acting as if everything will proceed in a straight predictable line!

The Transformative Power of Good Company - Satsanga

Apr 26, 2022 Sarah Mane

People who are good company, are seekers of higher wisdom.  They encourage their companions, are enthusiastic, and offer a helping hand when there is the occasional misstep.  Our teacher told us that it was almost impossible to act badly when we are in good company; and it was equally difficult to act well in bad company.  Satsanga is therefore considered one of the most powerful forces in the universe. 

Memory - The Mother of Wisdom

Mar 31, 2022 Sarah Mane

In my blogposts I like to explain an idea, usually derived from the wisdom of Sanskrit.  I try to illustrate that idea with stories and anecdotes, often from my own life and experience, and I round things off with a practical tip or two which can cement the experience in your life as well.

The World of Spirit Q&A

Mar 23, 2022 Sarah Mane

I get a lot of questions from people, often young people, who have become interested in the world of spirit.  They want to know how ancient teachings can be applied in the twenty-first century.  Often they have read my book Conscious Confidence: Use the Wisdom of Sanskrit to Find Clarity and Success, or other similar books.  Perhaps they have encountered spiritual ideas elsewhere.  They want clarity and guidance to keep them focused on the journey to greater wakefulness, awareness and consciousness.

A Treasure House of Inspiration

Feb 23, 2022 Sarah Mane

Jump Up From Your Slumber!

Jan 01, 2022 Sarah Mane

Excuse Me…Did you Say Sanskrit? The Surprising Relevance of Sanskrit for Today

Dec 17, 2021 Sarah Mane

What is Sanskrit?  It is an ancient language, some would say timeless. It is described as the language of the Universe, and a Mother of Languages. These are grand claims to be sure, so let’s look at Sanskrit on two levels.

The Magic in a Smile

Dec 04, 2021 Sarah Mane

Truth - The Ever-Shining Light of Satya - Damayanti.store

Nov 13, 2021 Sarah Mane

Satya is derived from the word sat, which means ‘being,' ‘existing,' ‘happening,' and ‘being present. So again, the concept is simple. The truth is that which actually exists in the present. A chair is a chair, a flower is a flower, an idea floating through your mind is an idea, and a feeling in your heart is simply that, a feeling.  All these things are true in the sense that they are actually there in the present moment. They are perceptible to our physical, mental, or emotional observation instruments. The complications arise, however, when we delve into the realm of our perception of truth and examine the veils of illusion that can distort our perception of reality. Like a cloud that blots out the sun, these distortions can make us see things or "truths" that aren't there and miss things that are.

Prema – Universal Love

Nov 05, 2021 Sarah Mane

The Best Advice I Was Ever Given

Oct 29, 2021 Sarah Mane

The best advice I was ever given by my spiritual teachers was a simple three step practice that can be done anywhere, any time by anyone: Fall still, Remember who you are, Give full attention to the matter in hand.

Practical Benefits of Meditation

Sep 29, 2021 Sarah Mane

For decades meditation and similar practices have entered the mainstream and lots of research has now been done into the benefits of meditation.  Let’s summarise the main benefits as identified by neurologists, psychologists and by regular meditators.