Creator of Damayanti, For Your Soul

Sarah was born and raised and educated in Sydney, Australia where, in 1971 at the age of ten she began her spiritual journey.

Inspired by her own spontaneous experiences of higher consciousness, and also guided by her parents, she began a life-long study and practice of self-awareness.

This journey led her to meditation, and to study the wisdom teachings of both east and west and the Sanskrit language. With Sanskrit in particular Sarah found a pathway into deep wisdom and knowledge. She was inspired by the wonderful insights that Sanskrit gave her, and how it clarified and filled out her experiences of profound truth.  

Sarah undertook further study of Sanskrit at the University of Sydney, and she began teaching this wisdom to both adults and children.

Having pursued timeless wisdom for many years Sarah began to see a growing need in the world for strength, confidence and inner peace. She felt sure that the practical wisdom she had mastered had an answer to this problem. This inspiration showed her how she could offer the best that she herself had received from her teachers.

This resolve continues to guide the content of her radio show - Damayanti, the Show for Your Soul - on Transformation Talk Radio, and became the basis for her book Conscious Confidence: Use the Wisdom of Sanskrit to Find Clarity and Success.

In this book she lays out an easy practical guide for life. And now she has added a range of beautiful Damayanti products. 

These are especially designed for people on a soul path; for people who want to hold close to their hearts a daily reminder of their own beautiful, limitless nature.