Why Damayanti?

Why Damayanti?

Damayanti provides a range of elegant and meaningful jewellery for discerning women on a soul path.  This jewellery is beautifully inscribed with sacred mantras that inspire, protect and enliven the wearer.

Sarah, the founder of Damayanti, selected the name for its beauty and special significance.  Damayanti is the name of a wise and courageous princess in an ancient Sanskrit epic.  Her name means calm, deep peace and inner strength.

Damayanti jewelry is beautiful and exquisitely crafted.  It is specially designed to carry the powerful energy frequencies of Sanskrit mantras.  

The Magic, Mystery and Power of Sanskrit

Our eight Damayanti mantra collections carry the unique energetic vibration of Sanskrit.   This ancient language embodies timeless wisdom. Its sound, script and meanings are beautiful and powerful.  Sanskrit channels universal frequency to the here and now in a way unmatched by any other language.  Our eight Damayanti mantra collections carry that powerful energy to protect, energize and uplift.